Oral Surgery

Looking for a dentist who offers oral surgery on-site? Choose Midfield Dental.

We help you take the stress out of your dental procedures with on-site oral surgery. Because we can do same-day dental work right in our office, you won’t have to worry about scheduling, setting up insurance or finding a completely different location for your oral surgery — we can do it all here at Midfield Dental. One of Birmingham, Alabama’s most respected dental clinics, we have qualified oral surgeons who can take care of your oral surgery needs right here in our office, conveniently located in Midfield, close to Birmingham, Alabama and Bessemer, Alabama.

We’ll take care of your oral surgery in our office for your planned surgery. In-house oral surgery makes the dental process more streamlined and comfortable and allows us to offer same-day dental work in some cases in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our on-site oral surgery also allows us to be sure you’re familiar with important aftercare activities that help ensure your surgery is a long-term success. Our staff at Midfield Dental will advise you on tooth extraction healing time and tooth extraction aftercare. We help you understand how to care for your teeth and gums after your oral surgery so your entire experience, from the time you first step into our office to the moment you leave after your oral surgery follow-up visits, is a success.